About us

Westcountry Horse Transport was founded by Simon Ford in 2015. Prior to this Simon was a regular Army Officer for nearly 30 years in The Royal Dragoon Guards. During his military career he was lucky enough to serve across the world. One of his last jobs was running the Armoured Fighting Vehicle Driving & Maintenance School in Bovington, Dorset which is responsible for training instructors and drivers for the British Army.

Simon has ridden since he was a young boy and been involved with ponies and horses from Pony Club and hunting, through to British Eventing competitions. He also ran the Regimental Stables, two Saddle Clubs, organised Hunter Trials, been Secretary of the Rhine Army Polo Association and organised the International Berlin Polo Tournament. So as you can see he’s been involved in the equestrian world at different levels and areas all his life.

Simon is now combining two of his areas of skill and knowledge, horses and transport, to bring a horse transport and rescue service to the West Country.